Future scenarios

PM Food & Dairy Consulting monitor the current and future development on the global political and economic development to identify the megatrends for the future. The impact for the food and dairy industry is assessed and used to build up future scenarios on both macro and micro level. This includes:

· Periodically reports food and dairy industry as a whole or for specific product segments and regions of the world

· Comments on the homepage on future trends and developments available for all

· Special future trend analysis for clients

· Speeches and contributions on conferences and seminars

The future scenarios is established by analyzing and comparing all the relevant data from national and international authorities and organizations (FAO,OECD, EU, Rabobank, Economist World Forum, USDA, FAPRI, PZ, IDF, and many others) combined with the experience of PM Food & Dairy Consulting in the food and dairy business in 25 years.

PM FOOD & DAIRY CONSULTING, Preben Mikkelsen Emiliedalsvej 34 8270 Højbjerg Denmark. Mail: mikkelsenpreben@hotmail.com
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