Strategy and business development


PM FOOD & DAIRY CONSULTING can on the basis of more than 20 years of management experience and theoretical education offer a wide range of business development products for the clients:


Managerial sparring

Do you need a professional sparring in a rapid changing environment or to develop a new strategy to cope with a volatile future development we can offer you individual solutions adopted the specific needs and demands from your company.


Strategic development

In relation to strategy building or adjustments we can facilitate the necessary background information to start up the process and the conduct the strategy process from initiation to implementation.


SWOT analysis

Identification of the company´s strong and weak areas of performance and the external possibilities and threats is an excellent starting point for adjustments and changing the strategy and organization.


Environmental scanning

This includes the five elements from Porter´s diamond (bargaining power of suppliers, threats of new entrants, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of customers, and industry competitors) combined with the political, economic and social/cultural changes that can be expected in the future. The analysis creates a perfect framework to evaluate the future potential for the company in the short/medium and long term.


Overall business developing plan

What is the most suitable developing strategy for the company – organic growth or merger & acquisitions? – niche or commodity? – brand-strategy or private label? We can analyze and evaluate the future potential for the companies including market focus (national/regional/global).


In the past ten years, PM FOOD & DAIRY CONSULTING has advised companies in Denmark, Europe and worldwide in relation to management sparring, strategic business development and business expansion.




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